Donations from the Friends of Tonga to Communities in Niuafo’ou

Civil Society Forum of Tonga (CSFT) had sent off six 10,000L cisterns (Water Tanks), 20 emergency kits and 18 cement bags, to the people of Niuafo’ou. These, were load at the Taufa’ahau Tupou IV Domestic Wharf, on to the MV Ko-E- Kelesi- Pe, on the evening of 14th December 2022.
These gifts are intended for 3 communities at Niuafo’ou. ‘Esia, Fata’ulua, and Petani, will each receive 2 tanks, 2 stands, and associated plumbing. The planned installation will be completed by the end of the month.
This donation was made possible by the Friends of Tonga (FOT). Friends of Tonga, is based in the United States and it consists of returned Peace Corps, who have spent time working in Tonga as volunteers. FOT is a partner of the CSFT and a member of the F.A.L.E. (Facility Aiding Locally-led Engagement) Hub, a CSO humanitarian entity. A total amount of $11,400 USD ($26,000 Pa’anga) was donated to eventuate the procurement and transportation of the above named goods.

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