CSOs & DPOs Climate Readiness Project – Inception Programme

Inception workshop was held on the 31st March 2023 at the LDS Chapel, Mailetaha. The inception was lead by Civil Society Forum of Tonga and Lavame’a Ta’e’iloa Disabled People Association Inc on “Enhancing Access of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) to Climate Finance for Building Resilience of Most Vulnerable Groups in Tonga” funded by the Green Climate Fund through the Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change and Communications (MEIDECC) and Ministry of Finance (MoF). This inception was to inform related stakeholders/organizations on the objectives of the project which are to:
• Establish adequate capacity, systems and networks to support Green Climate Fund (GCF) activities;
• Address policy gaps, improve sectoral expertise, and enhance adaptation financing;
• Develop quality project concepts to GCF;
• Strengthen partnerships between Civil Society Organisations(CSO) and Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPO) with Government for enhanced climate finance programming at the community, national and regional levels.
Guest of honor was the Director for the Department of Climate Change, Tonga, Mrs. Lu’isa Tu’i’afitu Malolo and present at the inception workshop were representatives from Climate Change, MORDI Tonga Trust, Tonga National Vison Impairment Association, Live & Learn Tonga, Tonga Community Development Trust, Ministry of Finance, Fo’i Tulutaa, Tonga Red Cross Society, Civil Society Organisation Ma’a Fafine mo e Famili, and representatives from communities.

Catch more of the presentations and discussion clicking on the button to the right to watch the recording of the event.

Te ke lava ‘o ma’u kakato ‘a e ngaahi talaange mo e talanoa he polokalama ko ‘eni ‘i ha’o lomi ‘a e faka’ilonga he tafa’aki to’omata’u.

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