The GEF SGP meets with the ‘Eua district members and Government officials

GEF Small Grants Programme Committee meeting with the Vahenga fonua ‘Eua and Government officials on the 17th of November 2023 at Blue Water Retreat to update on the ‘Eua Youth Congress’ Project at ‘Eua National Park.
A Park Ranger Program to protect the environment, habitat, living things and natural resources of ‘Eua and also stop and get rid of invasive species that destroys our traditional trees and plants in the Park.
There are about 14 bird species and 22 types of trees & plants in the Park to be protected unless if more are identified along the years.
We look forward to working together on the ‘Eua National Park Ranger Program with the ENVIRONMENT TONGA under the Ministry of MEIDECC, Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forest- Tonga, Ministry of Tourism Tonga and the ‘Eua Council along the years.

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