Lokupo National Park site visit

Site visit to Lokupo at the ‘Eua National Park to see the trail in progress down to Lokupo Beach which goes pass the Fakamokomoko’anga ‘a Hina and Topuva’e ‘a Maui.
This project, ‘Eua National Park Ranger Program, is the one of many innovative projects with an integrated approach to community based, owned, and locally managed conservation of the environment and natural resources. This is essentially a capacity building activity for both the implementing local community but also for invited participants to experience first hand the juggling feat of walking the balance of sustainability and development in grassroot.
The grantee of this strategic grant is the ‘Eua Youth Council, covering all communities on ‘Eua in varying number of youth participants and capacities. Alongside the grantee, GEF Small Grants Programme and its national hosting institution hosted the Capacity Building Aid Coordination.

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