facility aiding locally-led engagement (FALE)

FALE Tonga Hub is an institute housed under the Civil Society Forum of Tonga. It is designed to coordinate Non-Government Organization humanitarian actors in Tonga, to complement the Government of Tonga (NEMO). Key Mission is to have locally led actors, pave the way before, during and after any disaster in Tonga. Central to the FALE is efficiency and effectiveness of the humanitarian response within the first 72 hours. One of FALE’s key strategy for managing risk during Disaster is to ensure that assistance to communities are demand driven, based on key priority needs.

Collaborating organisations

Friends of Tonga (FoT)


Aotearoa Tonga Relief Committee (ATRC)


Global Medic

A registered Canadian charity that has provided disaster relief and life-saving humanitarian aid since 2002. GlobalMedic’s goal has always been to get the right aid to the right people at the right time.