Official Launch of the EU EDF 11th Project with the Civil Society Forum of Tonga

Official Launch of the EU EDF 11th Project with the Civil Society Forum of Tonga
July 9, 2020 No Comments CSFT publish SosaietiSivile


Enhancing the Engagement of Tongan Civil Society in the Policy Dialogue and Governance with the Government

(9/7/2020, Nuku’alofa) – The Government of Tonga and the European Union (EU) are joining their efforts to further promote good governance and to strengthen the policy dialogue capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in an effort to influence public policies and institutions that serve citizens’ interests. With dedicated effort, CSOs can help to inform decision-making processes with evidence and research.

A 2-year initiative, proposed by the Civil Society Forum of Tonga and its partner Tupou Tertiary Institute, has been selected by the Government of Tonga following a call for proposals and benefits from a funding of TOP$245,000 from the European Union. The project aims at “Enhancing the engagement of CSOs in the policy and budget processes and building their capacity in research and data collection within the focal areas of Gender, Disability, Youth and Energy”.

The research unit from Tupou Tertiary Institute, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Ungatea Kata will study the process of national planning and policy-making including public finance management processes and will assess CSOs capacities in terms of research-based advocacy and data collection. The findings of these researches will inform the trainings to the CSOs. In addition, the action will support the development of an overarching CSOs & Government Engagement Framework to structure and facilitate the policy dialogue.

The Honourable Minister of Finance – Hon. Tevita Lavemaau highlighted: “We are looking forward to a more effective participation of the civil society in the national development and budget process. This initiative is timely and complements adequately a recent step forward made with the first budget briefing for representatives of Tonga’s civil society organizations by the Legislative Assembly”.

The Civil Society Forum of Tonga indicated that, ‘‘we hope that the action will contribute to creating a genuine partnership between the Government and CSOs by enhancing the capacities of CSOs to interact constructively. The financial support provided by the European Union is giving us the means to address some of the problems faced by CSOs to engage adequately in policy dialogue”.


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Background Information:
This initiative is part of the Technical Cooperation Facility and Support to Civil Society Support Program implemented by the Government of Tonga and financed by European Union under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF).