Nukuleka Greengrants Project


Nukuleka Community is one of the coastal Community in the main island of Tongatapu. The Ministry of Fisheries had support the request from the community to set up a Special Management Area (SMA) a marine conservation area within Nukuleka marine boundaries. A community has been set up to manage the SMA under the mandate of the Fisheries Management Act 2002. The main livelihood of the community is a type if bech-de-mer (sea cucumber) that is harvest mostly by women and young girls for sold on the roadside for family subsistence income. Although the establishment of the SMA is for conservation and for long term sustainability of the marine species but it has challenges the main source of income for most families of Nukuleka. There are best participate from SMA’s supported by Civil Society Forum of Tonga (CSFT) through the Global Environment Facility Grant (GEF) than can be adapted to be piloted in Nukuleka. This best practices in ensuring that marine protected areas for fish. Other practices is to encourage the community to be part of the restocking of their marine protected areas so they feel that they are part of the project and that they own the process.