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FULL-TIME POSITION - Finance Assistant
Application is due 18th September 2023


A more Resilient and Sustainable Tonga that Recognizes the Rights of people-centered development through empowering participation, locally led initiatives, inclusive partnership, equality participation & inclusive prosperity for all (people of Tonga) and endeavor to build accountable and transparent institutions that creates self-reliance and opportunities for resource mobilization within CSO sectors and the communities.


We will build resilient through empowerment of communities to lead their own developmental inspirations, in all awareness, trainings and submissions we made to the government of Tonga.

We will ensure Sustainability in all our developmental investments ensuring they are locally led and that it empowers participation through institutional strengthening and capacity buildings.

That we will ensure that our works encapsulates Inclusive partnership for Equality & inclusive prosperity through equal participation to information and to financial support.

We will ensure that we Amplify voices our people and the “rights  people-centered development” is reflected through evidenced based decisions based on data collated through research.

We will ensure to build an Accountable and Transparent institution through institutional strengthening and capacity building.

We will Build the Capacity of our members through Resource Mobilization – self-reliance and organisational sustainability (business model) – social enterprise.

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‘Oku ke lava ‘o lau ‘a e ngaahi niusi mo e ngaahi ngaue fekau’aki mo mautolu ‘i ha’o hu ‘i he faka’ilonga ‘oku ‘asi atu ‘i lalo.



Water collection shelter, in Nomuka, Ha’apai


Humanitarian: 'Cash for Crops' and Cash Voucher Assistance (CVA) Support project


Organic Learning Farm Launch Event


GCF Public Consultation

tasilisili portal

You can access this protal to submit your applications to our organisation. Our Tasilisili portal is available in both English and Tongan for our clients to better understand each grant we may offer them. We have also listed the available timeline for each grant and fund. Access the Tasilisili Portal by clicking the button below.

‘Oku ke lava ‘o ngaue’aki ‘a ’emau potolo ko ‘eni ke mou fakahu mai ho’o ngaahi tohi kole ki homau ngaue’anga. Ko e Tasilisili ‘oku ‘i he lea faka-Pilitania pea toe ma’u ‘i he lea faka-Tonga ke mahino ngofua pe ki ha taha ‘oku hu mai ki he potolo. ‘Oku ke lava ‘o hu ki he potolo ko ‘eni ‘i ha’o lomi ‘a e faka’ilonga ‘i haa atu ‘i lalo.